Moving On

Reports of the finalization of the Women’s Center’s move into its new space in White Hall have been circulated before.  Things are looking pretty good, however, for a move some time this week.  We’re looking forward to this for several reasons:

It will mean we will soon have a telephone, a computer, and all our records in one space, and that space will be the space we actually use for programs.  This will mean we can stay in one place and get a lot done.  Hurray!

We will finally be able to unpack our books, which right now are taking up most of the new closet space.  Hurray!

And then, we can invite people to come over and browse and read the books in the new reading room.  That will be hospitable and pleasant, as well as informative. 

We will finally be able to make the space look like we are living in it.  We’ve hesitated putting up pictures, calendars, and the like because we need to see how what we have to attach to the various walls works in different parts of the space.  Soon, we’ll be able to do just that.

We’ll have a home for archival material, something we’ve been talking about for several months.  We are looking forward to providing a place where some elements of women’s history can be actively preserved, remembered, and drawn on for sustenance and inspiration.

We’ll have a lot to celebrate!  (More on that later . . .)

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About Ha_Qohelet

Ha_Qohelet is a transliteration of Hebrew definite article plus a feminine participle, all together meaning "the (feminine) one who assembles" or who calls together. Qohelet is the title of one of the books of the Hebrew Scripture, known in English as Ecclesiastes. The Women's Center at LPTS feels the epithet of Qohelet is a fitting one for what we do and are. The Women's Center is, indeed, a caller-together, a caller-to-wisdom, and an assembler -- of people, of ideas, of actions, and ultimately, we hope, of transformations in the world. In this context, Ha_Qohelet is the Director of the Women's Center, and Editor-in-Chief of Wimminwise.

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