March is Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month!

That doesn’t just mean the Women’s Center will be particularly busy this month — though it does mean that! Aside from our information table at the annual Festival of Theology and Reunion, and sharing breakfast with alumnae this morning in the Center, and organizing worship that will celebrate the gifts of women on Thursday, March 6, and celebrating International Women’s Day with the City of Louisville on March 8, and reflecting on the issue of gender respect with Rus Funk at lunch in the Women’s Center on March 11, and getting ready for the 3rd Annual Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture and Consultation on March 30 & 31, which will include the annual Spring Silent Auction and the raffle of a gorgeous quilt crafted by Nancy Strapp, we won’t have that much to do in March. [There are more details on these evenst on our “Events” page]

Women’s History Month means that we remind ourselves, yet again, how much work it takes to remember women specifically, to celebrate the gifts and accomplishments of women, and to honor the past. It is easy to forget what women have been through, especially because so often what women have been through takes place a little or a lot in the background, with little or no documentation. But even when there has been documentation, in the form of books or newsletters or political action or manifestoes, it is easy to forget and to distort. [Witness, for instance, what has happened to “Second Wave Feminism” in the memory of folks who didn’t live through it.]

Happy Women’s History Month! We hope to see you at one of the many programs, and we hope to help each other remember that we are standing on the shoulders of some strong, determined, and visionary women.


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