Lisa Larges et al. on Faithfulness

Lisa Larges, candidate and signatory of Open Letter to PC(USA)About a month ago, we received a copy of a letter written by 28 LGBT candidates for ministry in the Presbyterian denomination, responding to a ruling by the Permanent Judicial Commission regarding consideration of openly gay candidates in the ordination process. 

The full text of the letter can be found here at the website of That All May Freely Serve, and here, on at the blog PresbyterianWelcome.

One of the main points of this letter, it seems to me, is that faithfulness to the Holy Spirit, and the call to serve the church, with the integrity of a whole person, conflicts with standards of faithfulness being articulated by those who oppose the affirmation of gay integrity, along with the ordination of gay Presbyterians to church office, and the performance of gay marriages.  The issue of what faithfulness entails, to what Christians are called to be faithful, and how that faithfulness must be lived out is at the heart of the ongoing controversies about what it means, concretely, for the church to be the church of LGBT as well as straight.

This issue will be much on our minds in the coming week, as we prepare for the visit of Rev. Jane Spahr to Louisville.

Lisa Larges will be speaking, along with others, in the testimonies and discussion that will take place on the Seminary campus Saturday morning, April 26, 9 a.m. – noon, in Hundley Hall.


4 thoughts on “Lisa Larges et al. on Faithfulness

  1. Just wanted to mention that one of the 28 trouble-makers who signed that open letter will coming to LPTS this fall, so she can learn how to make educated, theologically-correct trouble!

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