A Statement From Jim Rigby

Rev. Jim Rigby performs symbolic marriage at gay rights rally -- from Daily Texan onlineRev. Jim Rigby, Pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, has a statement addressing specific theological and polity issues often raised by Presbyterians who oppose ordained Ministers of the Word and Sacrament performing marriages for gay people.  The full text of the statement is available here: (“Our Unbroken Vows”). The main point of the statement — if it’s at all fair to summarize a densely-argued 6-page commentary on the Presbyterian Book of Order and Reformed theology in a sentence — is that the actions of these clergy men and women are fully in accord with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Reformed tradition going back to the 16th century, and responsible Scriptural exegesis.

Pastor Jim’s church has long been associated with this position. See, for example, the text of St. Andrew’s Covenant of Dissent, dedicated on Pentecost, 1997, in response to the adoption of then-new paragraph 6.0106 into the denomination’s Book of Order (here).

We will have an opportunity to hear from Rev. Jim Rigby on Saturday morning, along with Lisa Larges and Rev. Jane Spahr, at the “Wedding Justice and Love in Faith Communities” event in Hundley Hall, Gardencourt, 9:00 a.m. – Noon. We hope many will take advantage of this opportunity to attend, listen, and consider the meaning of marriage, and gay marriage, in the context of the church of Jesus Christ.

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