Help Wanted at the Kentucky State Fair

August 14-24, 2008

The Kentucky State Fair: August 14-24, 2008

Do social activism and ring toss mix?

Well . . . we’ve received e-mails recently from two groups seeking helpers at Kentucky State Fair booths. If any Wimminwise readers have been looking for a good excuse to visit the upcoming Kentucky State Fair — just down the street — they might want to check out these volunteer opportunities:

The Fairness Campaign “is a grassroots organization working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality within a broad social justice vision.” Volunteers at the Fairness Campaign booth work four hour shifts (9:30-1:30, 1:30-5:30, or 5:30-9:30), meet and talk with Kentuckians, and help put a face to the Fairness program. For more information, call the Fairness Campaign office at 893-9788 or email [NB: this image of 2007 Fairness Fair volunteers came from the Kent School of Social Work web site.]

Volunteers at Fairness Campaign booth, 2007 Kentucky State Fair

Volunteers at Fairness Campaign booth, 2007 Kentucky State Fair

The Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice seeks “to give clear voice to the reproductive issues of all people in Kentucky, especially underserved populations,” believing “that a woman’s right to make reproductive choices is sacred and fundamental to religious freedom.” According to a recent e-mail from Chairperson Anne Maron, volunteers will receive an orientation (Sun. Aug. 10, 5pm to 7pm, pizza and drinks) and a ticket to the fair for their efforts staffing the KRCRC booth for a 3-hour shift. For more info, check out info @


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