Welcome, Students!

Welcome back!!

Welcome back!!

The time we have been waiting all summer for has finally arrived. The students have returned to campus! The annual excitement is something like the arrival of the swallows in Capistrano or, perhaps more seasonally appropriate, the arrival of the Canada geese in their winter havens. Although the Women’s Center was closed for yesterday’s community picnic (something to do with an events conflict), that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the resumption of classes tomorrow and the surge of new life that quickens the pace of campus after the slow flow of summer days.

On the contrary, we’re thrilled to be welcoming students back to LPTS, and to the Women’s Center’s still-pretty-new space (WE LOVE IT!) At the moment, we’re especially looking forward to the Community Vendor Fair this afternoon, when we will get to meet and greet this year’s new students, and find out who (many, we hope) is particularly interested in the philosophy and programs of the Women’s Center.

Our old display material was getting to be a bit dated, so one of the summer’s projects was composing a new display board for this event — and then, all the other tabling events we’ll attend in the coming year, and beyond. Like most projects, this one was finished just in time. (WHEW!) We’re pleased with it, too. It incorporates images from some more recent events, like the first Artist in Residence program, Judith Rock’s Body of Knowledge class, the recent Katie Geneva Cannon lectures — 2007 and 2008, and last September’s AIDS Walk. We’re certain to meet folks interested in this year’s AIDS Walk team, folks moved by November’s Transgender Day of Remembrance, and folks who are enthusiastic about working on February’s V-Day events, and being part of the international effort to end violence against women and girls.

We are also ready to launch our quick questionnaire about Women’s Center regular hours. This year, we think, we will find times to have the Center open, even with the Center’s limited staff, that make it more possible for members of the Seminary community to experience the Women’s Center as a place for informal conversation and connection, as well as a site for more formal meetings and programs. We’ll see how that goes!

So, welcome back, everyone! We hope 2008-2009 will be a year memorable for its blessings, and that the Women’s Center will be one of those.


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