October Events Focus on Domestic Violence, Prevention

The Women’s Center is involved in several events this month that focus on raising awareness and preventing domestic violence.

Saturday's workshop focuses on training young men to handle relationships without violence

Saturday's workshop focuses on training young men to handle relationships without violence

The most immediate is Saturday’s workshop, Promoting Gender Respect Among Adolescent Males: Techniques for Faith Communities. The workshop happens this Saturday, October 11, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., in the McAtee rooms, Winn Center, on the Seminary campus. The workshop will be led by Rus Funk, MSW, author and founder of MENSWORK, eliminating domestic violence inc., and focuses on preventing domestic violence before it starts. The objective is to train youth workers and educators to initiate conversations around gender, consent, and respect with young men, to cultivate attitudes that promote mutuality and turn aside from the control-seeking that is at the heart of domestic violence, and to engage young men as part of the movement to eliminate domestic violence. It’s not too late to register online for this event!

The Louisville Interfaith Task Force to Eliminate Domestic Violence (LIFTED), in which Louisville Seminary and the Women’s Center at LPTS participate, has developed a packet of information on domestic violence for leaders of faith communities. Members of faith communities may assume that domestic violence is one of those problems “out there,” that affects other people, especially since we know of no faith communities that are in favor of abusive violence. That assumption, however, provides cover for patterns of violence that happen in private and that thrive in an atmosphere of secrecy, shame, denial, and isolation. The objective of LIFTED is to engage faith communities, and particularly the leaders of faith communities, in the active effort to eliminate domestic violence by recognizing it as a problem that afflicts communities of faith along with the larger community, and by mobilizing the resources of the faith tradition, its values and symbols, to make faith communities genuine places of safety. To that end, the packet provides information about the phenomenon of domestic violence, along with information about appropriate responses to reports of domestic violence: what to ask, how to avoid placing someone who reports domestic violence in even greater danger, how to handle referrals, and how to follow up. The packet is available by request from MENSWORK.

LIFTED is also organizing an Interfaith Prayer Service to honor all those affected by domestic violence, on Sunday, October 26, 7:00 p.m., at the First Unitarian Church, 809 S. Fourth St., Louisville. The service will “remember those who have been victimized, honor those who have died, and recognize those working to address and prevent domestic violence in our community.” The service is free and open to the public, and all are invited and encouraged to attend.


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