Today is the Last Day to Register to Vote

We got this in the mail today: Last day to register to vote in Kentucky is October 6, 2008.

Print a voter registration form at this link:

(also use this form if you need to change your address, if you’re in doubt send it in again, no harm will come of doing it again to be safe)

Mail the form to:

Jefferson County Election Center
Urban Government Center
810 Barret Ave
Louisville KY 40204

Bullitt County Clerk
Voter Registration
PO Box 6
Shepherdsville KY 40165

Oldham County Clerk
100 W Jefferson St
LaGrange KY 40031

Wimminwise adds this: be aware that about 20mm single women did not vote in the last national election. As we mentioned back in May, that’s a women’s issue in and of itself, and as we’ve also pointed out before, the group Women’s Voices, Women Vote has made encouraging women to register and to vote a priority.

So we’ll add our voice to the “Get out the Vote” chorus yet again on this particular deadline day.

We can't say this in November unless we register by October

We can't say this in November unless we register by October

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