“Evening with Stars” Shone Brightly . . . At Last

Evening with the Stars, Sunday, Nov. 9

Evening with the Stars, Sunday, Nov. 9

At last, last night, in the frosty air of approaching winter, the stars shone clear and bright.

The Women’s Center’s first-ever fundraising dinner sparkled with conversation, the talents of many Seminarians, on and off program, the testimonies of students and others who spoke from the heart about what the Women’s Center has meant to them, and a beautiful transformation of Hundley Hall with ribbons and flowers.

As ever, the Women’s Center owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the many friends who made the evening possible.

Thank you, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, for acting as “the founder of our feast”!
Thank you, Upper Crust Catering, for a delicious meal (and, btw, “duxelles” has something to do with mushrooms — thank you, Gale Hester!)
Thank you, aaron guldenschuh, for the set design!
Thank you, Martin Bos, for the beautiful scenes of the life of the Women’s Center, and for bringing the music to our ears!
Thank you, Sherry Arconti, Rebecca Barnes-Davies, Christine Coy-Fohr, Debra Crawford, Clemette Haskins, Courtney Hoekstra, Brianne Jurs, Erin Long, and Susie Wiggins, for hosting tables!
Thank you, Leah Bradley, Steffanie Brown, Claudio Carvalhaes, Christine Coy-Fohr, Jorge Gonzales, Cheri Harper, Becky Timerding, Loren Townsend, and Brad Wigger (surprise! and what a happy one!) for being the stars in our firmament, and bringing laughter and tears to our eyes with your music!
Thank you, Debra, Clemette, and Courtney, for inspiring us with your views of the Women’s Center! (We will not soon forget the line “ribbons in the wind of hope”!)
Thank you, everyone, who volunteered and helped with setting up, taking down, moving around, and generally making sure that everything was where it needed to be when we needed it to be there!

Thank you, friends and guests, for your presence, and for sharing the hope of the Women’s Center!

Thank you, Johanna Bos, for the vision and passion and leadership that insists that this event must happen, despite hurricane and hardship. This dinner was, in its own way, an emblem of the Women’s Center itself: there, in spite of everything, undaunted and undimmed, raising Wisdom’s call.


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