Transgender 101 Coming Tomorrow

one of the facts of life

Transgender: one of the facts of life

If you don’t know “intersex” from “cross-dressing,” or more importantly, what it could possibly have to do with preparing a Wednesday night Bible study, then the upcoming Transgender 101 workshop (Thursday, 12:30, Winn Center-McAtee A) is for you!

Beth Harrison-Prado, local transgender educator and activist, will lead attendees through a condensed introduction to basic tems, concepts, and facts about transgender. In the process, she will address some of the silence around transgender, dispel some of the myths (for example, that transgender is a fancy word for being gay or lesbian), and make more clear why knowing about transgender matters for someone preparing a Wednesday night Bible study, whether that person is or is not her/himself transgender.

But in case anyone needs some additional encouragement to attend this basic, informative presentation, here are a few advance reasons the content of the Transgender 101 workshop may be relevant to folks doing ministry (whether or not it’s the Wednesday night Bible study), whether or not they are themselves transgender:

  1. You may be the only person in a position to dispel a myth that surfaces in conversation — whether the Wednesday night Bible study or elsewhere — and will want to have the information to do it.
  2. Transfolk are always someone’s children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, . . . so are probably already members of your church family.
  3. You will probably want to know at least as much about transgender and transgender concerns as the other parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, children . . .
  4. Transfolk are children of God . . . so are definitely already members of that family.
  5. Transfolk are often people of faith, and for that reason may find their way to the door of a congregation you lead or belong to, if they haven’t already.
  6. Transgender is often silent; you may not get a second chance to let someone know you do want to be their neighbor and friend.

The presentation is brown-bag, but otherwise free and open to the public. Sponsors (More Light, Gender & Minstry Committee, and the Women’s Center) hope to see many colleagues there!


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