Camille Pissarro, Faneuses d'Epigny, 1896

Camille Pissarro, Faneuses d'Epigny, 1896

What a great week the Women’s Center had last week!

  • Made some contribution to the World AIDS Day worship service.
  • Priced and organized LOTS of merchandise for the Fall Arts & Crafts sale — for which, many thanks, donors and helpers!!
  • Received a beautiful print thanks to our blog! And now have made the acquaintance of local artist Mary Scott Blake — hooray!
  • Had tremendous fun watching shoppers find something unexpected and “just right” at the sale!
  • Celebrated the sale with a great gathering in the Women’s Center — once again reminding us that one of the Women’s Center’s strengths is precisely as a gathering place (let’s do this more often!)
  • Assembled the cast of The Vagina Monologues on Saturday for introductions, partial read-through of the script, and discussion of some logistics — and realized that reasons for participating in this production run deep and wide, and that this group is definitely engaged in a special kind of ministry. We hope we will be able to communicate this depth, urgency, and theological and pastoral significance to our community as we move forward with this project.

Whew! That is a lot for one week. So perhaps it is fitting — there is a precedent, and a command, to this effect — to rest for a minute, . . .

(There will be time enough in the next day or so to remind people about the Artist-in-Residence program that will start up in January, this year with Ann Laird Jones as the artist; the full panoply of V-Week projects that will unfold in February; and the 4th annual Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture, with distinguished lecturer Kelly Brown Douglas, and alumni preacher Camille Williams Neal, that will take place in March . . .)

. . . and note that the results of this work so far are looking really good!

[The image comes from the marvelous Hay in Art database, “Roles in Hay”]


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