“Clay Forms” Class Underway!

pottery-1Rev. Dr. Ann Laird Jones, the Women’s Center’s 2009 Artist-in-Residence, has her hands full — literally — with the creations of an enthusiastic class of 15 J-term seminarians, who are reflecting on eucharistic theology and wrestling with the material demands of crafting the implements of the eucharistic table. The class met with and led its first of three planned community workshops at Anchorage Presbyterian Church this past Saturday, with 60 (!!) attendees eager to participate in the hands-on creation of clay forms and share the reflection on the meaning of communion.

Word of the studio experience is getting around the seminary campus as well, and the temporary open studio in the lower level of Caldwell Chapel has been humming with activity.

What a gift this is! Thank you, Ann, for your generosity in making it available to our community!

The class “Clay Forms: Restorative Table Justice” runs through Saturday, January 24. Ann will lead a workshop focused on women in ministry, “How Then Shall We Thrive?” on Monday, January 26, 9-4, and lecture on “Integrating the Arts and Theology” on Monday, January 26, 7 p.m., in Caldwell Chapel.

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About Ha_Qohelet

Ha_Qohelet is a transliteration of Hebrew definite article plus a feminine participle, all together meaning "the (feminine) one who assembles" or who calls together. Qohelet is the title of one of the books of the Hebrew Scripture, known in English as Ecclesiastes. The Women's Center at LPTS feels the epithet of Qohelet is a fitting one for what we do and are. The Women's Center is, indeed, a caller-together, a caller-to-wisdom, and an assembler -- of people, of ideas, of actions, and ultimately, we hope, of transformations in the world. In this context, Ha_Qohelet is the Director of the Women's Center, and Editor-in-Chief of Wimminwise.

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