From Rev. Bob Gamble

We received the following e-mail and remarkable photographs from our friend, the Rev. Robert Gamble, who works with street kids in Odessa, Ukraine. (We hope readers remember Bob’s visit to Louisville last year, and his thoughts on Good Friday.)

Bob is collecting used laptops and digital cameras, as he notes:

Dear friends,

Final call for used laptops and digital cameras. ( Thought I would say this first in case you don’t read further)

I am in the final weeks of my trip around the States; I have visited many people and churches. I fly home to Odessa, March 16th. So if you have used laptop or digital camera to donate, IT IS TAX DEDUCTABLE . please email me right away so i can tell you where to send it. I will have another photo class in the summer for kids and i need laptops for volunteers who come.

Before i left Ukraine, Anna Naduda an artist living in Kiev (take a look at her website)
gave me a lifesized photo of a boy who lives at The Way Home. This photo had already traveled some of Eastern Europe and is part of a photo art project of hers. I took Vitya to the states.

So here he is in some of the places i travelled to.

the sanctuary of Balmoral Pres in the Memphis area
outside Madison Ave Pres in new york
in the library of Mary Brueggemann’s home in decatur ga (trying to look like a book)
stepping out into the snow at the home of Ann and Mike Mische in DC area (Ann and Mike attend Nellysford Pres in VA.)
waiting for worship to start at Old First Pres in Tallahassee
on the light rail sysltem MAX in Portland OR
relaxing at a condo in San Destin FL
with a teen he met on the beach
Colum and Neil Dillon are preacher’s kids from First Pres Cumberland MD
David Hopper is an elder and Rebecca Taylor is the pastor at Reidsville Pres in Reidsville, NC

He hasn’t seen these photos yet. I will let Anna Naduda show them to him.

I’ve been away from Odessa for too long, it seems, so I will be glad to get back.

Grace and Peace,
Robert Gamble

Dr. Robert Gamble, D.Min. Th.M.
cell in states 828 301 7104
in Ukraine +380636117928

If you are interested in donating, visit:

You can scroll down the page and click on donate. If you don’t have or want a PayPal account click on “continue” for “Dont have a PayPal account?” It will take you to a page to enter credit card info.

or you can mail a check to This Child Here, 245 Seaview Ave. Daytona Beach, Fl 32118.

Either way, I would like to thank you, so send an email to me.

My address in Ukraine:
This Child Here,
C/O Doroga K Domy (The Way Home)
Str. Sofievskaya 10
Odessa, 65082,

Here are the photos Bob shared with us:

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