It’s Time — for the 4th Annual Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture!


It’s here!

We hope Wimminwise readers will forgive us for the long silence here, which has everything to do with the rush of preparations for the 2009 Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture and Events — which are about to begin!!

We could not be more excited!!! (in case this was in any doubt)

And just in case any readers have not caught the excitement, and are wondering why we are so on tip-toe waiting for everything to start, here are a few reminders of what’s in store:

The 2009 Katie Geneva Cannon Lecturer is Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas.
We don’t think we need to say any more, after having been reading her books The Black Christ, Sexuality and the Black Church, and What’s Faith Got to Do With It?, and appreciating this scholar’s care, insight, courage in tackling big and tough issues, wisdom, and promise. We know, and think everyone needs to know, that this lecture will be well worth hearing. And we have a seminar on Monday, 10:15, to look forward to as well!

Rev. Dr. F. Camille Williams-Neal will preach on Monday morning, 9:00 a.m.
Once again, for those who have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Rev. Williams-Neal, and feeling the force of her sharp intellect, her grace-filled presence, and her quiet but immovable commitment to justice, this is enough. Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. is an unfamiliar time for this community to worship, but we know that those who make the effort will be grateful they did.

This year’s silent auction will be the best ever.
It’s no exaggeration. We’ve been watching as the original art work from around Louisville has been coming in, and the rooms at the Women’s Center are now full to bursting with vibrant paintings and prints by Mary Scott Blake, dazzling textile art by Gloria Kemper O’Neill, a graceful and delightful monoprint by Ann Stewart Anderson, and most recently two superb renditions of classic architectural elements by Juliet Ehrlich, and that’s not even mentioning the ceramic bowl by Candace Wheat, jewelry by Ooh-La-La (aka Gale Hester), knits by Deb Trevino and Johanna Bos, as well as a diverse collection of unique donations (like dinners, weekend getaways, Porsches-for-the-weekend) and . . . well, people just need to come see for themselves. All proceeds benefit the Women’s Center and its programs, which (as inventive and economical as we are) do have a price tag.

So we hope lots of our community members, friends and neighbors will catch the excitement, and join us for the events of this Sunday and Monday — to learn, to celebrate, to support the Women’s Center, and to remember yet again how much we gain when we notice, and celebrate, the gifts and achievements of women.


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