Reveling in the Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture!

katie_cannon_09_bannerWe’ve been reveling in the Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture and events already, Women’s Center style. That is: we’ve been working feverishly to set up all the bright and beautiful items for the Spring Silent Auction in the reception rooms at Gardencourt, and enjoying the company and conversation of Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas and Rev. Dr. F. Camille Williams-Neal and other faculty and students and friends of the Women’s Center during the reception, and then delighting in the words of a lecture that gave us an analysis of sexuality and its relationship to community and connection and God, by way of a close reading of The Street by Ann Petry and a consideration of the blues as a tradition of sacred discourse — wow! We have been having a wonderful time, and hope you were here!!

But, we have more to come, because this morning will be worship, and a seminar (“The Meaning of a Blues God”), and — of course — a continuation of the sale from the silent auction, and the last chance to buy raffle tickets for the gorgeous quilt, and then we will have lunch in the Women’s Center and more conversation, and I think yet another opportunity to recognize what this work is all about — connection, learning, transformation — and we hope at least some of our readers will be able to take part!


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