A Word About Life

A conversation at The Way Home

A conversation at The Way Home

We had a message from our friend Bob Gamble yesterday, which included lots of pictures (one of which is reproduced here), an update on things in Odessa, and a sermon, “This Is My Life,” dated March 20, 2009.

I will go ahead and mention (in a friendly way) that, if Bob were here, we would have a conversation about language, about Lord language and King language. One of these days we will be able to give that work a rest, but not yet.

In fact, not giving the work a rest has something to do with why I find this sermon so eloquent.

This sermon, about a LIFE and life superficially very far from the Women’s Center, speaks of a desire, and faith, and tempo of steps, and rhythm and balance of questioning and re-dedication, uncertainty and clarity, that feels right at home here. This sermon is about mission, any mission, every mission; it speaks to what mission, whatever its specific concrete purpose and goal, shares — its simultaneous smallness and vastness, its constantly both urgent ultimate world-transforming importance and frank mundane triviality; and it is about the church — not the one we encounter inside buildings, but the one that is all through the world, like yeast . . .

This sermon is about hope, and about love; and about hope precisely because it is about love.

I hope you love it, too.


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