Transgender Events

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Transgender Day of Remembrance events at LPTS

At the Women’s Center we carry on with our activities to embrace all gender identities and do our best to inform ourselves about what goes on under the sun. During the past week we had a movie showing on Tuesday night of the film “Normal,” and on Thursday our friend Kathryn came and gave a “Trans 101” presentation. I could not attend the film but was informed that about 17 people attended and a lively discussion took place. On Thursday we learned again about the different gender identities that are possible, about a few of the huge obstacles that are put in the way of those who feel compelled to undergo a sex change, and about some of the identity crises that come their way before and after. Participants were a mix of trans folk from off the campus and students from LPTS. Conversation was very lively and this tradition of information gathering, celebration and commemoration is surely worth continuing into the future.

We are so lucky to have a Women’s Center at LPTS!!!

Note that the Transgender Day of Remembrance will be observed through a number of events during the day Friday, November 20. See the Transgender Day of Remembrance Page for more details.


2 thoughts on “Transgender Events

  1. Great to know you all are staying busy! Blessings be for all of the wonderful work you do for the community and for the womyn of LPTS.

    Peace for the journey ahead.

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