Videos Are Out!

National Coming Out Day videos, that is. Hooray!!

Sherry Arconti, on behalf of More Light at LPTS, has sent around “a hearty and happy thank you” to the Seminary community for the wonderful response to National Coming Out Day, and reports that lots of the It Gets Better Project videos made by LGBTQ folks and straight allies here are now on line. They are still in the process of being tagged for better searchability, but for now going to and searching “lpts it gets better” will get people all of the videos. (Here’s a direct link to one of them: Many thanks, of course, go to videographers Liz Matney and Kate Crandall!

There is still an opportunity for everyone who would like to make videos for the It Gets Better project (either as out LGBTQ folks or as allies) that there will be a second day for taping: Monday, Oct 17th at the Women’s Center, starting at 6 pm. For information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Sherry Arconti by email (

Sherry also shared a link to the wonderful video created by seminarians at Union Theological Seminary, which is also online at The Q, a blog created as part of the Union students’ response to recent LGBTQ suicides.

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