Thank You, Arts (and Crafts) Lovers!

The Fall Arts and Crafts Sale was a beautiful success

If the Women’s Center could smile, it would be smiling . . . because even though today is a cold and snowy day in Louisville, the warm glow of this year’s delightful Fall Arts and Crafts Sale is still with us.

First, an enormous THANK YOU to the many friends of the Women’s Center who came out on Thursday evening to set up the sale — Brian, Blair, Christy, James, and Daniel, — and the many more friends who came out on Friday afternoon to tear down/pack up the sale — Beth, Billy, Carl, Daniel, Erin, Jeremy, Sarah, and Sherry. So, THANK YOU. A particularly warm THANK YOU to Daniel Tipton and More Light LPTS for promoting the event, mobilizing volunteers, and generally adding a uniquely festive tone to the event — quite a feat, since the Arts and Crafts Sale already has a pretty festive persona. Kudos to our Faculty and Financial Liaison Rev. Dr. Johanna Bos, Knitter and Model Extraordinaire, for demonstrating the appeal of the merchandise in an especially erudite and convincing fashion. Thanks, also, to all our donors, without whom there truly would have been no sale. A special word to donor Dana Butler and her Dana Buttons, who arranged to customize merchandise on the spot — a unique contribution to this year’s sale!

The sale has so far netted right around $1,000 for the Women’s Center Fund — for which we thank our patrons!!

And Now — Extended Shopping Hours!
This year, folks who missed the sale in Winn Center on Friday, December 11, will still have a chance to browse and buy at our special extended sale hours in the Women’s Center this week:

  • Today, Monday, December 13, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, December 14, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Need more? Contact us at

Once again, thank you, everyone involved in making this year’s Women’s Center Fall Arts and Crafts Sale a delightful success!


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