Holiday Reading

Some mail worth reading

In the last few days, the Women’s Center has received some pithy holiday reading.

On the health front, there is The State of Reproductive Justice in Kentucky: A Social Justice Perspective on Reproductive Health, a report by the Kentucky Health Justice Network. The report provides the basic information for an understanding of how the intersecting issues of poverty, education, race, gender, violence, pollution, unemployment and discrimination affect health outcomes and access to reproductive health care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Until the report is available online (plans are to make it accessible at, folks who are interested in the report are welcomed to drop by the Women’s Center and read through our copy.

While the Kentucky Health Justice Network’s report is amply illustrated with graphs and charts, the illustrations that make up the latest issue of S&F Online, Polyphonic Feminisms: Acting in Concert, would probably strike most readers as more . . . dramatic. We at the Women’s Center always look forward to this journal, published three times a year by the Barnard Center for Research on Women. This issue features a juicy table of contents that emphasizes the practical challenges of working towards feminist visions, and the specific needs for “polyphonic,” creative and developing, concrete methods addressing those challenges. We encourage our readers with a few moments of holiday leisure to check out the polyphony.

One thought on “Holiday Reading

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed pulling it together. I only wish we were given room to showcase more of the amazing work that exists on this theme.

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