Seminars Challenge Domestic Violence

Mending the World - Margaret Hopper Taylor Seminars Challenging Domestic Violence

The first in a series of seminars challenging domestic violence, “Gender Respect: New Directions in Preventing Domestic Violence”, led by Rus Funk takes place

Saturday, March 12
9 – 12
in the Women’s Center
lunch follows the seminar




2 thoughts on “Seminars Challenge Domestic Violence

  1. Domestic violence is as a result of gender disrespect where one patner in marriage is not seen as a human being but as an object to be beaten and undermined.Violence will only exist where there is no love and respect for one another.Love is an art that needs to be learnt and affection can be describbed as the best gift you can give to your spouse.

    • Jeff, We here at the Women’s Center agree that violence stems from views of gender that reduce people to objects; and would add that dynamics of power and domination feed it, as well — sometimes, even when people experience themselves as having love for one another. (Sadly.) Yes, we concur: love involves skill, art, and consciousness — and doesn’t thrive in an atmosphere of privilege preserved or subordination suffered.

      So we hope to fill these seminars!

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