Women on Women 1700-1900

A few good books on the subject . . .

A dozen titles related to women making church history as Quakers, Methodists, evangelists, preachers, and reformers in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries

Carol Berkin and Leslie Horowitz, eds., Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives: Documents in Early American History (1998)

Catherine A. Brekus, Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845 (1998)

Vicki Tolar Burton, Spiritual Literacy in John Wesley’s Methodism: Reading, Writing, and Speaking to Believe (2008)

Phyllis Mack Crew, Heart Religion in the British Enlightenment: Gender and Emotion in Early Methodism (2008)

Wendy J. Deichmann Edwards, Carolyn De Swarte Gifford (eds.), Gender and the Social Gospel (2003)

Eileen Razzari Elrod, Piety and Dissent: Race, Gender, and Biblical Rhetoric in Early American Autobiography (2008)

Chanta M. Haywood, Prophesying Daughters: Black Women Preachers and the Word, 1823-1913 (2003)

Rebecca Larson, Daughters of Light: Quaker Women Preaching and Prophesying in the Colonies and Abroad, 1700-1775 (New York: Knopf, 1999)

Sue Morgan, Women, Religion, and Feminism in Britain, 1750-1900 (2002)

Teresa Anne Murphy, Ten Hours’ Labor: Religion, Reform, and Gender in Early New England (1992)

Priscilla Pope-Levison, Turn the Pulpit Loose: Two Centuries of American Women Evangelists (2004)

Susie Cunningham Stanley, Holy Boldness: Women Preachers’ Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self (2002)


William L. Andrews, ed., Sisters of the Spirit: Three Black Women’s Autobiographies of the Nineteenth Century (1986)


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