Breakfast Brightness

Friends of the Women's Center breakfast today, May 3, 8:00 a.m., rain or shine!

Despite the rainy, gray, foreboding weather, a dozen or so Friends of the Women’s Center turned out for this year’s Friends of the Women’s Center Breakfast. Umbrellas may have lined our hallway, but the companionship, renewing of old acquaintances and making of new ones, and sharing of stories from seminary days and beyond occupied us all well past time for some of us to be on our ways to other events of these Festival of Theology and Reunion festivities.

It is always a privilege to be able to welcome the dedicated and talented women and men who call themselves Friends of the Women’s Center. This year we were particularly happy to have with us, once again, the Rev. Arch Taylor. Rev. Taylor’s recent generous grant to the Women’s Center in honor of the late Margaret Hopper Taylor made possible the series of seminars “Mending the World: the Margaret Hopper Taylor Seminars Challenging Domestic Violence.” These seminars were a centerpiece of the Women’s Center’s program this spring semester, and we are still celebrating the learning and insights they produced, and considering how to build on those.

We hope to be building on some of this morning’s conversations in the months to come, as well: looking into making further progress on the funding the long-anticipated Jane Krauss Jackson Award for Collaborative Ministry; cultivating connections between the Women’s Center and Presbyterian Women of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery; reflecting on the complexities of the current political situation; and collecting more of the stories of our foremothers who championed the cause of the Women’s Center and brought it into being.

We also look forward to seeing Michael Whitman’s pictures of the breakfast – which he assured us would not feature any actual eating.

All in all, for a gray and rainy Tuesday morning, this year’s Friends of the Women’s Center breakfast was a bright occasion.


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