Time to Plan!

Rev. Dr. Traci C. West will be the 2011 Katie Geneva Cannon Lecturer

This week in the Women’s Center, the emphasis is on thinking ahead. We will be meeting
Wednesday, May 11,
12:30 p.m.,
in the Women’s Center
to start planning for the 2011 Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture, and will interview applicants for the 2011-2012 Student Coordinator position this week and next.

This year’s Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture is scheduled for September 18. Rev. Dr. Traci C. West will deliver the lecture Sunday evening; events on Monday, September 19 will include morning worship with Rev. Clemette Haskins and a workshop led by Dr. West.

Our imminent planning meeting has made the 2011 Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture “top of mind” here, and has gotten us anticipating meeting the 2011 lecturer. We are always excited to meet the lecturers, and this year is no exception. Rev. Dr. West is Professor of Ethics and African-American Studies at Drew University Theological School, and an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. Her scholarly work has focused on the ways religion intertwines with race and gender to perpetuate violence against women — and how religion can become a resource against this very violence. She stands in the high tradition of the public theologian and scholar, committed to making new knowledge take effect in the world and produce significant change. A sampling of her work can be found online, at links like these:

Her website: http://users.drew.edu/twest/

her testimony at press congress supporting 2009 legislation to include GLBT people in federal hate crimes legislation

her statement “Religious diversity in My Life and Work” at the World Council of Churches website

an interview with Feministing, March 14, 2009

“Hearing God’s Call to Love, Not Hate,” at UMC Response

The “Breaking Silences” website

Anyone who would like to learn more about Dr. West’s academic work could explore her books:

Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women’s Lives Matter (Westminster/John Knox, 2006)

Wounds of the Spirit: Black Women, Violence, and Resistance Ethics (New York University Press, 1999)

Our Family Values: Religion and Same-sex Marriage (Praeger, 2006) an edited volume

Holy Conversations: Talking About Homosexuality, co-authored with Karen Oliveto and Kelly Turney (Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2005)

Or, look for one of her articles in publications like Theology Today, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Annual for the Society of Christian Ethics, and so on.

From this, our readers can see why we are eagerly looking forward to September, and to sharing conversation with this scholar, teacher, pastor and citizen.

edited for content 05/31/11


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