Looking Forward to Hearing

Rev. Clemette Haskins will preach on September 19 as part of the Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture events

Several things have made the Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture uppermost on the Women’s Center’s mind this week.

First, this morning we read Debra Mumford on Traci West’s Wounds of the Spirit, over at “Thinking Out Loud.” Dr. Mumford’s appreciation of that work reminds us how illuminating it is going to be to hear Dr. West in person on Sunday, September 18 for her lecture, “What Does Anti-racist Christian Exsual Ethics Look Like?” and also on Monday, September 19 for her workshop “U.S. Christianity and Violence Against Women.”

Then, as we work to put the finishing touches on the brochure for the event, we re-read some of the materials Rev. Clemette Haskins has sent us, and experienced a fresh thrill of anticipation. Clemette will be the Alumna preacher at worship on Monday, September 19, 9:00 a.m. in Caldwell Chapel, and we are especially proud and delighted to welcome her once again to the pulpit at Caldwell Chapel and the events of the 6th annual Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture. Clemette is a past Presidential Scholar, recipient of the Burton Z. Cooper prize for excellence in constructive, theological scholarship, and of the Fielding Lewis Walker Fellowship in Doctrinal Theology. Since graduation she has served the church in interim and pastoral associate ministries, and in 2010 was named one of 12 New Clergy Fellows for Ethical Leadership and Sacred Spaces by New York’s Chautauqua Institute. Her ministry draws on her rich experience as a chef, three-time All-American basketball player for Western Kentucky University (B.A., 1987), and coach of Division I women’s basketball.

During and since her time at LPTS, she has been a true friend of the Women’s Center. We know from personal experience that the worship she organizes is profound and moving, too; for example from our memories of her service as liturgist at the 3rd annual Katie Geneva Cannon lecture, and as preacher and worship leader for a service during the inaugural V-Week in 2009. So we are eager to hear her preach on “When Silence is Violence,” which promises to focus on the discrepancy between models of pastoral leadership that “call for leaders to bring voice to those long silenced” and that “rooted in ‘compassion, goodness, humility, sense of humor, integrity, acceptance and justice can transform us individually and collectively from fear and violence to lives of hope and promise,’” and the suffering that women in congregations experience as “violence from the muted, at best, muffled, voice of the church.”

Since the brochure also contains a nod of recognition to the Planning Group, it reminds us that we are looking forward to next week’s Katie Geneva Cannon Lecture Planning Group meeting, Wednesday, July 27, 12:30, in the Women’s Center. We will have some light lunch available, as hear one another’s reviews of the tasks completed so far, and the tasks still to be done to prepare for September’s lecture and events. All interested members of the Seminary community are cordially invited to participate!

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