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The Women’s Center at LPTS
The Women’s Center at LPTS is a space for and program of mission, the goal of which is the envisioning and construction of gendered structures and practices that do justice to the full humanity of all people. We recognize sexual difference as an original and integral constituent of that full humanity (see Genesis 1:27).

Where people have made sexual difference the justification for domination and violence, wrong has been done, and we believe we are called to speak and to act against it.

Where people have worked within a context of sexual difference to enrich our human life together, we believe we are called to celebrate.

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Sandra Moon, Director              
Sandra earned degrees from Vanderbilt University (BA), where she double majored in Religious Studies and Political Science, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (MDiv), and the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville (JD). During her time as a student at LPTS, Sandra volunteered her time helping with programs and fundraising efforts at the Women’s Center. Currently, she is a candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA).


Donna Phillips, 2015-2016 Student Coordinator

Donna is a first-year Master of Divinity student. She has a BME in Music Education and a BA in Music Performance from the University of Kentucky. Donna has served Second Presbyterian Church in Lexington, Kentucky as Choir soloist, Children’s Choir Director, and Adult Handbell Choir Director since 1996. Donna was also Music Programs Coordinator for Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill from 200 -2015. In addition, Donna is a singer, composer, and playwright.

Johanna Bos, Faculty and Financial Liaison

Faculty and Financial Liaison Rev. Dr. Johanna Bos

    Rev. Dr. Johanna Van-Wijk Bos has been deeply committed to and involved with the Women’s Center at LPTS since its inauguration in 1995. She has served as Faculty Advisor, as the first Director of the Women’s Center, and now as Faculty and Financial Liaison. As Faculty Liaison, she maintains the Women’s Center’s connections to key Seminary structures. As Financial Liaison, she works tirelessly to deepen and stabilize the financial foundation of the Women’s Center, which is entirely supported by outside donations.

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